Individual services:

Current and Prior Tax Preparation
We help prepare individual income tax returns, tax related strategies and consultation for our clients. We offer personal tax services which include preparation of income tax returns for all states and non-resident returns. We also assist our clients with their prior year and delinquent tax issues.
ITIN Application/Renewal
We offer Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) processing. Our firm has two Certifying Acceptance Agents that can verify your application/documents on behalf of IRS. With our service, there is no need visit IRS office or mail any original documents to the IRS including passports. We process ITINs for all dependents and/or spouses, including any renewals.
Amendment / Claim for Refund
Our team can analyze your previously filed taxes, check for errors or missed deductions, and amend it by including the omitted expenditures and incomes.
Tax Planning
Effective tax planning can result in saving thousands of dollars each year. We can provide a unique tax planning service to our clients, making them achieve their financial goals without hassle.
IRS Notices
We understand that receiving a tax notice from the IRS or State can be stressful. Our team of experienced tax preparers are always available to guide you through responding to an IRS notice in a timely manner, which otherwise can lead to penalties or interest charges.

Business services:

Corporation and LLC Tax Preparation
We have experience in filing business taxes for clients in the medical field, consulting, IT, restaurant, analytics industry, store, rental property, etc.
Accounting / Bookkeeping
We provide accounting and bookkeeping service which allows you to focus on operating your business. Business records are required when applying for a loan, filling out your business income tax return and to help to forecast your spending.
Sales Tax Filing
Most states require business to file sales tax reports in addition to their income taxes. It is important for businesses that are collecting sales tax to report and file the sales tax returns in a timely manner.
Start–up Consultation
Starting a company can be complex and before registering a company several things need to be considered, such as the type of business, state requirements, etc. We can guide you with opening a company that fits the nature of your business.